on how good intentions are not always enough

So inevitably my plan failed. Actually, I like to think it wasn’t totally inevitable. But I had to go and embark on a long and unsuccessful search to find better monster wool than the one in the picture below, and one thing led to another… …and I was driven to starting a cuttlefish. At least it is still another tentacled creature! I feel I can sort of justify its coming into existence like that.

This is how far we are since starting late last night. I don’t think the colours have come out at all well in this photo, but it’s getting dark now and I should’ve done it earlier. I am on the hunt for a good name for this beautiful beast once he/she is born. I am taking into account the naming of Lula Squidbad when naming this one, and hovering around the fact that the Portuguese for cuttlefish is ‘choco’. Suggestions are welcome. Encouraged, even.