tidying up

The fact that I am more than a little nervous about having to design a monster, combined with the fact that my desk and knitting bag are overflowing with unfinished woolly projects, means that I have put myself to good use and have been making an effort to finish things off before starting anything new. The scarves are all making good progress, as is this little manta ray (excellent pattern here) that I dug out of the depths of my bag yesterday afternoon.

I realised he/she was something I could definitely finish up speedily, and then give to his/her original intended recipient. This creature was meant to be a birthday present many many months ago, but for some reason I just lost all the urge to keep going on it. Annoyingly, however, I have been cut short in my enthusiasm for finishing the critter, as it appears that getting hold of toy eyes is much more difficult a task than I ever would have thought. I have had to resort to ordering them from the UK, which means no eyes for at least a week, and thus no finished manta ray.
Other than the finishing spree, I have had something of a winding spree. Yesterday I ended up winding some 400 metres of various wool out of skeins and into balls. What a job. I looked into investing in a wool winder, but recoiled at the prices and continued with the task by hand. And now I have this lovely ball of monster potential.