geek accessories

Today was a great day of freedom – it began with my handing in the last essay of term at 2:30am, and got steadily better ever since. The item below is a product of my celebrations. I haven’t made anything recently, and given that I am embarking on a visit home tomorrow, I thought, what better time than now to make a little travelling case for my Nintendo DS to stop it from getting scratched. So with the help of a great¬†tutorial I made a dinky little drawstring bag with a lining, and a fine thing it is too:

The only thing I should have done differently is hemmed the sides of the openings where the cord goes in, as now they are fated to be left raw and will surely disintegrate over time. But I made this all in the spirit of practice, so not to worry. I can always make a new and improved version when the time comes.