driven to distraction

This week has been a bad one. With four essays to write in a week and a half, I knew it was going to be difficult and that there would be some hard times. I never imagined it would be this bad, though. As the fruits of my distraction arrive, I will document them here, one by little bad one… (My justification, by the way, is that the promise of imminent playtime ranks extremely highly on the list of incentives to write the damn essays in the first place.)

First of all I got a wool winder. I’ve wanted one of these forever, but they tend to be stupidly expensive for a useful bit of plastic that goes round and round. This one, however, was not, thanks to some sneaky ebay wangling. I’ve seen genius home-made lego wool winders with tutorials (!) and contemplated going down the same route, but in this case decided against it. Ultimately I guess I would like a swift to go with it, but again, bits of wood that go round and round are also pricey. So I’ll wait.
Next I got a parcel full of eyes! (Prize for anyone who could possibly have seen that coming.) This is purely because the postage was free if you got lots of eyes, so I did. I reasoned that eyes always come in handy (maybe not the right expression to use?) and it’s best to have some spare rather than always having to order new ones and pay postage for each pair. Now I can make googly bright-eyed creatures galore at just a moment’s notice!
Then I got a package with a freehand embroidery foot for my sewing machine, so at last I can have a go at infinite wiggly lines in all directions – something I’ve long wanted to try – and to make it worth the postage I got some useful things since needles always break and it’s best to have a replacement to hand. Plus the shiny machine embroidery thread was to try out with the new foot.

And finally, I got an Aladdin’s cave of a parcel, with some two hundred different colours of Anchor hand embroidery thread! Ooh! From ebay also, my new favourite place (apart from Flickr), as this worked out at least five times cheaper than buying threads from a shop. So now I absolutely have to become a master embroiderer. Or else.

I said it was a bad week, didn’t I?