Perhaps it is a bit of a cheat to blog about a project nearly a year on from its creation, but I didn’t have time to take a photo of this one before I gave it away to its rightful owner as a birthday present. Currently, however, it is on loan to me for precisely this purpose, and there has been a bit of a drought on my blog recently, due to impending-finals-induced-work panic, so I recently made use of a sunny day to prance around in the garden photographing my handiwork.

It is a collection of photos of various different creatures (often in humorous poses), from squirrels to goats to a sunfish (!), that I have accrued over time, both on travels and closer to home. I made it for Joe, who suggested quite a while back that I should collate all my animal photos somehow, so it seemed appropriate to give the finished product to him. It has photos on both sides of the fold-out, zig-zaggy pages (all carefully cut to size at the desk of my cosy Parisian garret), with silly captions in gold pen underneath each picture. My sister aided me significantly in the dreaming up of suitable idiocies to complement each individual animal – needless to say, a good grounding in lolcats came in very handy here.

I seem to remember Joe suggesting he should get Volume II for his next birthday, but it might have to wait a little longer than that – it’s not every day you chance upon a photogenic beast.