market booty

I am back from my market adventure/revision break with many more spoils than I ever thought I would bring back. Usually trips to the market involve admiring lots of things but not buying any, but it seems maybe I am gradually growing into a market state of mind. Last time I went I came back with four cashmere jumpers and an assortment of mismatching cute ceramic buttons; this time I came back with lots and lots. I got a couple of large Art Deco roast chicken dishes, with Clarice Cliff-esque designs:

They were made in Stoke on Trent by A J Wilkinson potters, where Cliff used to work, but their genuine ancestry is less important than the fact that they will make excellent chicken dishes.

I also picked up a set of four little cake plates with a matching bigger one, with which I and three lucky friends (I am taking applications now) can have tea and cake parties. My mama said she didn’t like them, and I started to think I was wrong to be excited about them, but what’s not to be excited about where cake parties are involved?

On a complete tangent to all this crockery, I also found a magnifying glass with a beautiful chequered wooden handle. I don’t have any great purpose in mind that requires a magnifying glass, but I’m sure a girl is always better off with one than without one. After all, now I can solve mysteries – just think of all those mysteries I’ve had to leave unsolved until today! I’ve just been examining the fingerprints on my laptop… probably all mine.

Needless to say, the books in the photo are part of today’s booty too, though perhaps I shouldn’t admit that, given that they’re in English. Well anyway, we can all gloss over that fact. And finally, I acquired a very fine second-hand small Le Creuset saucepan. Plus all the embroidered bits and pieces that my spoils are sitting on are my mother’s booty for her curtain project-to-be. All in all, a pretty good day’s work! Except that the day’s actual work has been somewhat delayed by this adventure, so I had better get back to it now. Only two weeks to go!