autumn vegetables

On the strength of my completed platypus, I have dived straight into something new: embroidered vegetables. These have always had a strange kind of allure for me; the rich colours and tiny perfection of hand-stitched radishes, and the cosy, warming appearance of vegetables on natural linen. So I decided it was my turn to make some of my own, to decorate a tea towel for my mama (I don’t think I know anyone else who would appreciate a tea towel with embroidered vegetables on). Just choosing the colours for a pumpkin was a hugely satisfying process:

I haven’t got very far yet (ideally I need to finish the whole thing in less than two weeks – eek!), and it is time to start making dinner, but I am so pleased with the look of what I’ve done that I wanted to post a picture right now. So here, a pumpkin’s bottom:
The linen comes from a lovely little sewing shop we found in France last week, in La Charite sur Loire. The lady who runs the shop had decorated all the walls with handmade embroidery that she had designed herself, and it was such an inspiration that we immediately had to rush off home and try it ourselves.