I am back from my summer travels and have begun as I mean to go on: I finished something at last! It’s been so long since I finished anything – it seems that all I do these days is start more and more projects, and this leaves me feeling rather unsettled. However, since I visited the house/museum of Gustave Moreau in Paris last week, and noted the vast quantity of paintings he had begun and not finished, I started to feel that this must be the sign of a great artist.

So, today I finally sewed feet onto Stumpy the hot water platypus (so christened when she still had no limbs, thanks to my mama), and now she is a new platypus!
She can fit a hot water bottle inside her just perfectly. We have grown rather fond of her while she has been here, and it will be a sad day when we let her go and give her to Laura, her rightful owner. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if she would really prefer to live in a household where they called her something more flattering than Stumpy.