8 bit christmas

As I hinted in my last post, I have recently started planning this year’s home-made Christmas presents. I still have a backlog of long-promised gifts that troubles me deep inside, but as always I am at the beck and call of my immediate whims, and that is how I ended up with such a long list in the first place. So, pleased with my cross-stitched pumpkin, I started to get all inspired about further cross-stitch possibilities, and what better than old school 8 bit computer game characters? The clunky pixelated graphics would work just perfectly in little Xs! So off I went to purchase some new tea towels (and, might I add, I am not best pleased with whoever beat me to it in Boswell’s this week – they were all out of the nicest ones!):

I got started straight away, and after one whole evening’s work managed to come up with this:

OK, so it is the world’s smallest cross stitch. Well probably not, in fact, and I thank my lucky stars I was not born a few hundred years ago so I would have had to make even smaller crosses. But that must account for some of the time. But really? One night? Slightly embarrassing. I hope further tiny figures get faster, or this excellent plan of mine for achieving more than one home-made Christmas present this year might be a serious flop. N.B. I also spent a whole evening prior to this creating cross-stitchable versions of all the original (well, almost original – I remember it in black and white…) Digger icons, so if anyone happens to read this and would like a copy, just say so.