abracadabra! it turned into a pumpkin!

At long last, I mastered the arts of a fairy godmother and magicked my tea towel into a pumpkin. Of course it wasn’t ready on time for its intended birthday. But fairy godmothers sometimes take years to learn their trade, so I count myself lucky. And yes, beware, the following creation is twee, to be sure. I was prepared for this, and yet still drawn to cross-stitch in spite of its reputation. Apologies if it is too sickly for anyone’s good taste.

As with most things I seem to turn my hand to these days, this vegetable took an unusually long time to complete. Who knew how intricately shaded pumpkins were, in five tones of orange and yellow? (Actually, thinking about it, I am thankful that this one is as un-lifelike as it is…) However, its rustic home-made charm warms my insides and makes me feel one step closer to domestic goddess-dom.

The next step is obviously planning one’s Christmas creations in October…