october sunshine

It all began on Friday morning, as I was preparing my staple breakfast of muesli with yogurt and strawberries, and I was suddenly struck by the glorious sunshine radiating across the table and into the strawberry box, where it made the fruit glow as though it was lit up from inside. I knew I couldn’t just sit there and munch and hungrily ignore it. I had to race back upstairs to grab my camera and make the most of it before I could take a mouthful of my cereal.

This weekend I went to Cambridge. It was the first time I’d been back since moving house, but I had managed to get more than necessarily nostalgic about the place in only a few months. It surely helped that Sunday was most beautifully sunny, and warm like summertime. On my way down Mill Road on Saturday I saw these fabulous autumn vegetables, the kind that make it OK that the days are getting shorter, as they make one fantasise about warming, autumnal dinners:
On Sunday I went to the Botanical Gardens and watched the ducks and the moorhens (they were definitely moorhens, not coots – anyone who has ever had trouble distinguishing the two need only peruse a copy of this handy rhyming primer) and wandered all the way round and out again via an artificial fen. I was particularly impressed by this tree:
It had turned red all over the outside, but remained green in the centre, and where the sun was coming through its topmost branches it was glowing the warmest colour. Not that that kind of thing ever comes out properly in photos, but I can’t help but try. Now I just need that cosy wooden hut, somewhere up in rural Scandinavia, where I can spend my winter by a fire, knitting thick woolly socks. With moomins on. Time to dream again.