four moocows make a herd!

Just like three fruit trees make an orchard, or so I heard. Anyway, back to the moocows. These were a sly project that I created in secret to adorn the four corners of a lovely vintage red check tablecloth that I had to hijack from its owner for this purpose. Evidently additional home-made decoration is not at the forefront of just anyone’s mind as they purchase tablecloths/tea towels/other cloth goods. Only mine. (I should probably sort this out, actually, as it could get me into trouble, i.e. infinite lists of practical things that ‘need’ embroidering. Oh wait. That’s already happened.) So here are my moocows; a different one for each corner:

(Please note the hastily and messily constructed ‘moocow montage’ image – I’m sure there must be a better way to do this than the way I did it, but it was my first ever attempt!) I worried for such a long time that they would be considered overly twee by the owner of the tablecloth, who has fairly strong feelings on this matter. But he appears to still be speaking to me, so I can only imagine that all is forgiven.

Originally I had been planning four different farm animals, but it took me too long to work out what a chicken’s chin ought to look like, and so I gave up on that one. Half way through sewing the cows I thought perhaps I should have been sewing reindeer, but I didn’t think the addition of antlers would have been sufficient transformation. So cows they are. And I rather like them. I can perfectly imagine a hearty rustic dinner atop such a cloth, or indeed a well-laid picnic. It has left my hands now, so I’m still waiting, and imagining…