the summer of creativity

This is something I meant to post about months ago, i.e. when it was actually still the summer, and therefore relevant. But fortunately for me the creativity did not come to an end with the summer, and in fact appears to be enjoying a surge with the onset of autumn and winter. On my return to Oxford in June, I brought about the creation of the weekly joy that is known as Sewing Club (the name is to be interpreted loosely, as knitting, embroidery and pretty much any textile-based activity is welcome there).

Throughout the summer, attendees mostly consisted of myself and Beehive (aka Old Faithful), but recently numbers have shot up, and last week there were six sewers, not including myself! I was so pleased to see this rise in popularity that I requested pictures of the event to mark the occasion (thanks to those who humoured me and took these photos).
Last week’s Sewing Club achieved much fixing of old clothes (sewing up rips and patching holes) and a wallet (reconditioned using a collection of colourful festival wristbands for the exterior), a new initiate to the gentle art of knitting, a large section of a lovely knitted scarf with cables, an almost complete new pair of trousers using found fabric, a new cover for a worn-out chair seat and some embroidery on a tablecloth (details to remain secret for the time being). What a success! And it looks as though next time will be even more popular! Long live Sewing Club!


UPDATE: anyone who’s interested can now see photos of all the things that have been made at Sewing Club on my Flickr page. This will be updated as and when – if you have photos of things you’ve made and want to see them up there with the rest, let me know.