how to be a domestic goddess

Recently whilst out Christmas shopping, I somehow found myself acquiring some highly necessary cake baking and decorating equipment for myself, such as a whole box of squeezy icing tubes with five different shaped nozzles, and these cutesy little heart shaped cake cases:

One night at Sewing Club, since it seemed like the perfect occasion to experiment with a large amount of cake, I made a batch of heart shaped cupcakes and iced them with light pink, orange-blossom-scented mascarpone and ricotta icing. And gave my three-tier mini cake stand its first outing:
Sadly we lost the last three, as the cake stand comes apart, tier by tier, and when picked up from the top, well you can imagine what happens. But since I had so much fun icing these, the inspiration struck me to plan a special Christmas edition of Sewing Club, and make seasonal nibbles for the stitchers to eat while they sewed, and play jolly Christmas music.

So out came the reindeer cookie cutters (and the Christmas sheep, of course…) and I made some spicy dough. Next came a terrible shock when I discovered that we had run out of silver balls, and yet another terrible shock when I found that you can’t seem to buy edible glitter anywhere in this town, for love or money. I have eaten the most beautiful cupcakes, sprinkled with edible glitter, and have lusted after this stuff forever after. But I was reduced to buying Barbie sprinkles this time, in desperation, as it was all I could find that vaguely resembled the glitter of my dreams. (What on earth is edible glitter, anyway?)

And I think the resulting Christmas biscuits did alright.