the more it goes (tiddly pom) on snowing

When I woke up this morning, the only reason I knew to jump out of bed and open my curtains straight away was because I had a text message from my driving instructor telling me to stay under my duvet as we wouldn’t be driving today. So I was both surprised and not so surprised to find this outside my window:

At this point there were about four or five inches of snow already, and that was at least half an hour ago. It has only kept on snowing and settling since then, and our tree has now ceased to look delicately dusted as if with a generous helping of icing sugar, and now looks decidedly overloaded and weary. I quickly came to terms with the idea that going Christmas shopping in town today was probably not the best plan after all, and so I (rather happily) have resigned myself to a day of knitting, sewing, tea-drinking and possibly baking at home.
And to begin with, a serious catch-up session of blogging from my bed. I have done so much of late that has not made it anywhere near my blog, so this must be rectified.