2010: a stitch odyssey

I thought it would be nice to have a little retrospective of the year 2010, to summarise, in pictures, everything I made last year. N.B. this only includes things I started and finished making in 2010, so anything that’s still a work in progress is not allowed to feature here. Which amounts to quite a substantial number of things. But it’s probably best not to dwell on all the things I haven’t finished at the start of a new year… that’s just not the right attitude.

So, from top to bottom and left to right, we have 1) an Art Deco tea towel; 2) a roll-up case for double-pointed knitting needles; 3) a baby-sized crocheted Cthulhu; 4) Icelandic-style socks; 5) sunset-coloured cabled socks; 6) a pumpkin tea towel; 7) Stumpy the platypus; 8) a spotty cushion with embroidered detail; 9) a moo-cow tablecloth; 10) a Space Invaders tea towel; 11) a Nordic Christmas stocking; 12) a reupholstered chair seat; 13) a Digger tea towel. All in all, not a bad year. I am very happy with my output, especially considering the amount of moving around the country I did, and the fact that I managed to fit finals in somewhere in the midst of all that sewing and knitting. So maybe this year will be more fruitful still!