winding like nobody’s business

Although I started the new year with the vague intention of not buying any more new wool (I wouldn’t like to say it was a new year’s resolution, as that would make it sound far too serious and deep in my heart of hearts I know there is a very high risk of me going back on this decision), I made no such promises with regard to knitting accessories. So here we are in the third week of January, and today the postman brought me a wool swift of my very own. (This makes it sound as though perhaps me and the postman are close friends and he bought me a gift, but no, I paid for this myself and he was just doing his job.)

It arrived first thing in the morning, so I had to tear myself away from it to go to work, and then impatiently endure the rest of the day until I could go home and set it up. Since coming home I have wound an impressive (or some might say this was just pure sad) total of fourteen balls of wall. You can see the little wall of wool I was building up just in the background of the picture above. Never before have I wound wool at such a speed! I was expecting to be impressed by this thing, but truly it is a more wonderful invention than I imagined. I’ve wanted one for yonks, but have always been put off by the extortionate price labels that accompany these gadgets. A week or so ago, (and with the encouragement of my ne’er-do-well mother),  I managed to put all my concerns behind me and bite the bullet, and I must say I don’t regret it. Nor does my mother – now she wants one too. Plus I like to think that perhaps it was worth the excessive cost, as it is a pretty sturdy thing and ought to last a lifetime or three. (Whether or not anyone but me will have any interest in  adopting it after my lifetime is another matter.)
One thing that never ceases to surprise me when winding wool from skeins into balls is how very different the colours look depending on the way the wool is organised. The two kinds of wool in the photo above are exactly the same, but look entirely different as a ball and as a skein. As a skein it looks as though it might be dyed in short sections that chop and change quite frequently, but as soon as you wind it into a ball you suddenly realise that they are long, slow-changing colour sections. Anyhow, this toy has kept me well out of trouble tonight, and will probably continue to do so for a good long while. There are plenty more skeins where these came from!