the best birthday present ever

I read in the newspaper yesterday about what has to be the absolute best birthday present ever: a free exhibition of 650 patchwork quilts in New York city. This was the resulting gift from a millionaire husband to his wife on her 80th birthday, when she asked for “something I’ve never seen before” and “a gift for New York”.

The photos from the event are spectacular, with row upon row of red and white quilts suspended in mid-air. The design of the exhibition is really incredible, and I hate to think how much effort went into setting the whole thing up. I just watched a time-lapse video of the setting-up process, with cranes and all, which was fun. Despite the fact that all 650 quilts are red and white, the variety between them is huge.
The only part I regret about this amazing story is the fact that it lasted for less than a week (surely once they’d gone to all that effort it would have been more worthwhile to keep it on for longer???). I’m actually going to New York in two weeks’ time, and this would have been a really fantastic thing to see. The upshot of it all, though, is that at least now I know exactly what to ask for on my 80th birthday.