accidental patchwork

Last weekend, I think due to the shock to the system of having four days off instead of the usual two, I accidentally embarked on a brand new patchwork quilt. This was just hours after telling myself sternly that I still had two patchwork quilts on the go that needed to take priority in the finishing list, and promising myself that by no means would I touch this until I had completed one of the others. Then I was left alone in the house, and when there’s no one about to keep me on the straight and narrow, there’s no telling what I might get up to.

So inevitably as soon as the front door was closed, I scampered off up the stairs to find the rotary cutter and a ruler and a mat, and set about cutting a hundred or so pink and blue fabric squares. I ought to explain that this is the result of some of the bounty that I returned from New York with. I made a visit to The City Quilter while I was there, and it was sort of beyond my wildest dreams. I only brought back a fraction of the things that I saw that looked interesting – I’m sure I only scratched the surface – but such is the fate of the girl who goes on holiday with friends who don’t share her fabric interests…
I ended up coming home with (amongst other things!) a pack of one hundred-ish little pre-cut patchwork squares, and I bought a couple of yards of lovely textured Japanese fabric in pink and blue to mix with them. It took me most of the afternoon to cut the squares above, and once I’d finished, I laid them all out over the kitchen table, and spent a happy half hour arranging the patterned ones in the gaps. Unfortunately the kitchen table wasn’t big enough, so you’ll see that I had to improvise a little extension on one side.

I’m sure that this is by far the speediest patchwork I’ve ever made, as by the end of the evening I had managed to sew the vast majority of the squares into strips, and only had a couple left to do the following day. Sadly I can’t claim to have carried on at the same pace all weekend, and I can’t yet show proof of the finished object, as the strips are still in a bundle in my living room, with numbers pinned to them so that I can’t possibly forget what order they’re supposed to go in, while I summon up the strength for my next mega straight line sewing session.