summer photo fun

Back when you could still buy Polaroid cameras and film (all those many months ago!), I always used to want one. Oh the infinite joy that is to be had from waving little scraps of paper in the air until a poor-quality picture appears! But now I find that some clever clogses have filled the gap that the Polaroid left behind, and I now have the ability to create Polaroid photos without any of the expense, any of the waste, and whilst still being able to keep a good-quality image at the same time! What genius. And what better subject matter to try it all out on than glorious scenes of British summer (or at least the closest we’ve come to it so far this year)?


One of the best parts of summertime is going to the pick-your-own farm across the meadow, and loading up on fresh summer fruit and vegetables for salads, jam, tarts… you name it. When I was little we always used to pick strawberries. Always, without question. And when I say ‘pick’, I mean two thirds would go in the punnet and one third would go into our mouths. These days my picking habits appear to have changed: so far I have not picked a single strawberry this year – instead I have battled some pretty fearsome gooseberry bushes for a whole punnet of eery, hairy green berries, and have lugged home about six kilos of broad beans in total.


When I took the first lot up to be weighed, the old man with the scales took one look at my bag and said, “So, you like beans then?” I don’t think anyone had picked so many beans in one go all season long… The instant gratification approach to picking fruit and veg appears to be long gone, but my broad bean soup was well worth forgoing the strawberries for.