My first ever baby knitting! I’m surprised I managed to wait so long before starting something baby-sized, since I’m always coo-ing over tiddly cardigans and sailor outfits, and threatening to knit them in spite of not actually being acquainted with a single baby. Aside from having deep reservations about babies themselves, I’d be only too happy if someone I knew would go and have one, or even a few, if they would also be happy for me to produce snuggly knitwear for their beloved offspring, too.

So you could say my dreams were answered when a colleague from work went and had not one baby, but two! At once! It was the perfect opportunity to whip up a pair of teeny-tiny bootees, following this pattern, which I have admired for a long, long time. I used some of the handspun Peruvian alpaca yarn that I was given for Christmas (and which I blogged about here) since I only needed a minimal amount, and plus it was perfectly soft for baby feet.

Also, since these babies came as a pair, I managed to encourage another of my colleagues who has recently taken up knitting to make a second pair of bootees, using some more of the cushty alpaca yarn. Mine are the red ones, and hers are the green ones. They are absolutely perfect, and especially impressive given that they’re only the second thing she has ever knitted before (the first being a garter stitch scarf), and this was the first time she had ever followed a pattern! (I’m hoping this will lead to great things in the office…) We opted for buttons in reverse colours, and wrapping to match.

They did sort of end up looking a bit like out-of-season Christmas presents when they were all wrapped up, but apart from this I think the non-standard baby colours were a good move. Far too many baby things are pale pink or blue, and some good wholesome colours can only be a good thing. I think the parcel must have arrived by now, but we haven’t heard yet whether the bootees fit (I so hope they do!) or whether the babies like them… We’re waiting on tenterhooks!