un embarras de choix

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m coming to realise that by far the most exciting and enjoyable part of the process of making things is the bit in between finishing the last one and starting the new one. It’s the time when you can get out ALL the books, and ALL the wool/fabric/thread, pile them high on the table, and just gawp at them. And all the while, your imagination is going into overdrive, zipping through ALL the possibilities of what you could make out of the different combinations. I’m sure it’s my favourite moment, however much I enjoy actually making the things I eventually decide on.

For instance, I was driven to take these photos one sunny Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, when, having completed the whole armadillo collection, I was free to start something new – whatever I liked! Oh the freedom! It occurred to me that as I am moving into a new house at the start of September, I could justify making something nice for myself and the house – probably the kitchen. So I got out a couple of snazzy vintage tea towels that I bought in a cool little shop in Paris last year that sells all kinds of unused vintage items, from school exercise books to tablecloths, plus a leftover piece of linen (the same as what I used to make the pumpkin), plus ALL my favourite cross stitch and embroidery books, and set about the plotting process.

Of course, what I ended up doing most was just looking, and stroking, and rearranging, and photographing, and pondering… Not actually making anything at all. But oh how happy I was! (And how strange is human nature – or at least mine, anyway.)

Then today this feeling was reinforced when, having recently regained my knitting mojo after a longish break (which is a cause for great rejoicing in itself!), I started to go into overdrive thinking about all the possibilities for knitting a lace scarf out of some nice, soft, colour-changing sock wool. And as if I needed to fuel this thought process further, I wandered off upstairs with the vague idea of looking for some appropriate wool – and before I knew it, I was totally engrossed in fondling skein after skein of delicious scarf potential; thinking all the while what good choices of wool I had made in the past, whilst becoming further and further removed from my original aim… And, would you know it, I haven’t knitted a single stitch tonight 🙂 But at least this goes to show just how easy it is to make me happy…