a fishy, on a little dishy

To fill what has become something of a large void around these parts of late, I present to you exactly what it says on the sardine tin. A fishy, on a little dishy. Fortunately (and unlike in the song) I didn’t have to wait for the boat to come in for this little fishy. I may have been left waiting a long time for a fishing boat on the River Cam. Or, even worse, I may have had to resort to eating fen eels. Eugh.

Anyhow, this pastry beauty was brought to you (or rather, to me) by none other than my lovely assistant and partner in crime. I can’t even claim a fingersworth of creative genius. All I did was make empty promises of fish-shaped fish for dinner, and then make mushroom risotto instead.

Feast your eyes on this, my lovelies. And go forth and make pastry fish yourselves.