how to survive a glut of bananas

When everyone in the house goes out independently and buys bananas, and a large quantity of bananas at that (just to be on the safe side), then the household finds itself in a sticky situation (quite literally, if they’re not careful!). So what on earth’s a girl to do with such an excess of bananas?

The answer: banana blondies. (Or ‘blondings’, if you follow the logic of the Greek man who used to excitedly tell us about his delicious ‘brownings’.) Thanks to Mr Lepard and his super new baking book, Short & Sweet, what I got for Christmas, I knew exactly what to do with a surfeit of bananas. Although actually, it wasn’t all that easy, as I still had to choose between the blondies and a butterscotch banana cake, which was pretty tough.

So earlier on this evening, I found myself faced with a tray of sticky caramelised walnuts, and a bowl full of melted butter and white chocolate. What a tasty scene! So much for the gold-stars-for-good-behaviour (i.e. no extravagant cakes or second helpings) routine; today’s gold star went out the window long ago.

And since I already knew there was no hope, why stop at mere banana blondies on their own? We ate them with clotted cream ice cream, and they were¬†marvellous. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the same thing to anyone else facing a devastating banana glut.