knitted helmets

To round off the weekend, here’s a brief but entertaining diversion for you to enjoy: a pocket-sized collection of knitting patterns for men’s helmets. This magnificent find comes thanks to my boyfriend’s mama, who has a real knack for finding oddball bits and pieces such as this in boot sales and auctions and the like (thanks to her, I also have in my possession a couple of old-school patterns for knitted swimsuits). Fortunately for the world, knitted ‘helmets’, as they’re grandly called, appear to have gone right out of fashion. Though I find myself wondering whether they ever really had a peak. I hope not, for the sake of the poor men who may have found themselves the proud owners of said helmets, lovingly knitted by their wives or girlfriends (I’m not trying to be sexist here, I just don’t see any self-respecting man knitting one of these for himself).

Possibly the funniest thing about this fine collection of snugly fitting knitted headgear is the earnest expressions of the models in the photographs. They all look terribly sincere and not at all self-conscious of their bizarre apparel. One of them even sports his knitted helmet along with a smart suit and tie, suggesting that these items can be worn alongside fairly formal attire. Oh the possibilities. Needless to say, this little style gem is staying firmly away from my knitting needles, to be enjoyed solely in this paper format, in charming black and white. If anyone wants to borrow the patterns, you know where to find me… but I recommend you check out the latest issue of Vogue beforehand, just for a quick reminder of contemporary knitwear trends.