not quite hooked

Oh crochet woe is me. The night before last, since I had worked so hard all day (I know it was Sunday but I’m translating a book), I decided to treat myself to a bit of a reward. I’ve barely touched any of my many crafty toys in months, thanks to this dastardly book – no, really it’s a lovely book – so this was an extra special opportunity. I got out a big bag full of lovely wool (I bought ten or more skeins of Araucania Copihue in various shades the Christmas before last, when it was on sale, and have been planning to crochet it into a blanket ever since), a brand new glittery crochet hook, and a book of instructions on how to make every different shape of crochet motif imaginable. I think that’s where I went wrong. The book was entitled Beyond the Square: Crochet Motifs.

I settled myself down with the book on my lap, my chosen motif in my mind (#37 in case any of you are interested), the hook and wool in my hands and great eagerness to do something different. But I found that although I can make a perfectly good start in crochet – my sliding loop and first round were perfect – from the start of round two, things start to go wrong. I can hold the hook and do all the stitches (I’ve crocheted a whole manta ray and a cat with limbs, for heaven’s sake!), but I just get totally lost when it comes to knowing where to put the hook before I make the stitches. So what was initially heading towards becoming a lovely hexagon soon lost some sides in the process and ended up looking decidedly square. So much for advancing ‘beyond the square’, I thought, and ripped it all out. Although I can be quite ambitious, I am also very easily put off when things don’t go according to plan. I began to wonder if perhaps there is a reason why crochet beginners always start with squares?

At this realisation I trundled back upstairs to find another crochet book, this one more basic and completely square-focused. I opted for the ‘simple’ granny square, and started hooking. No sooner had I got past round two than my simple square had become a pentagon! No matter what I did to it, I couldn’t make a regular square of that shape, whatever it was. So out it all came again, and, despondent, I went to bed, with nothing to show for my two hours (yes that’s right) of attempted crochet. What on earth is there to do with a girl who can’t make basic shapes in crochet? I don’t know, but not a great deal, I suspect.