the reindeer are right on time

While they may not have made it out of their paper bag last winter, this year we managed to cut out and finish a whole herd of felt reindeer on the last day of November, and string them up immediately. So in fact they ended up not merely being on time, but a whole day early for the festive season (which, in case you were wondering, officially begins on December the first)!

The inspiration for these Christmassy decorations came when I was working at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year, on the stand next to these guys and all their colourful mountains of felt. They were selling kits with which to make your own felt reindeer bunting, which got me thinking. I decided to combine their cunning idea with the shape of my favourite Swedish design moose, Moz, for some festive Nordic-inspired bunting. On the last day of the show, I bought four large squares of red felt from the people next to me, and some plain-ish cream- and taupe-striped ribbon from another nearby stand, and set to work making a reindeer template from that iconic Scandinavian beast. (N.B. My apologies if I am offending anyone’s sensibilities by blending reindeer and moose so unflinchingly. I am aware of what I’m doing, but am unrepentant.)

I sized the reindeer just right to fit four in per felt square, and cut them out with tiny scissors to accommodate all their wiggles. They didn’t take too long – maybe ten minutes or so per creature. We got sixteen reindeer in total, and threaded them on four or five metres (I can’t remember now, and my ability to mentally measure things by eye is woefully flawed) of ribbon. As the animals are free to slide up and down the ribbon, it means this is a cleverly resizeable decoration, which will fit into as much or as little space as you want it to, and you can always add or remove reindeer if you need to. And the advantage of these being winter decorations means that they are under significantly less threat from moth attacks. Take that, moths.

I am incredibly pleased with these reindeer – they are so jolly! Everyone in our house is happy with them. I heartily recommend a bit of cheery felt bunting to anyone. You could make all kinds of animals or shapes, or use different coloured felt for a more varied effect. I think I might make more next year, so we can decorate all the rooms with reindeer. Ho ho ho.