made in 2013

While it’s still only just 2014, I felt like doing a quick round-up of my creative output from last year. In total (unless I am missing anything, which is possible, if not merely hopeful) I finished 13 things in 2013 – how fitting! Plus that works out as just over one a month, which makes me feel happy, as a sort of proof that I wasn’t just twiddling my thumbs all year. Here is my output in small:

So in roughly chronological order, and starting from the top left of the images above, these are the things what I made:

  • a basket
  • Noro basket weave socks
  • Tour de France hankies
  • camel pillowcase no.1
  • blueberry stripe socks
  • yellow lace scarf (my first ever lace scarf!)
  • Hanne Falkenberg scarf
  • skein no.2 of handspun yarn
  • Kettlewell jumper
  • felt reindeer bunting
  • lavender bags x 4
  • cushion covers x 5 (though only two are pictured here)
  • bow tie

Not a bad haul! Some of these items will be a complete mystery to you if you rely solely on my blog to see what I get up to, since my rates of making and blogging do not correlate perfectly. Far from it. Though I’m sure it’s better for things to be this way round. Of course, I’ve got plenty more where those beauties came from; these are just the things that I completed this year. I have projects in progress in more or less every room in the house, and I acquired yet more wool and fabric at Christmas that now needs transforming into new and exciting creations. But this is not the time to dwell on that. Well done 2013, and here’s to an even more fruitful time in 2014!