on finding my knitting muse

Today is the first day in a very long time that I’ve really sat down and knitted concertedly for hours at a time. That feels an odd thing to say, given that if you asked pretty much anyone who has ever made my acquaintance what my favourite hobby was, without a doubt they would say ‘knitting’. And they would be right. But I think I must have one of the world’s shortest attention spans, because my usual tendency is to knit one or two rows, maximum, and then stop and look around, or admire the extra centimetre, or check my emails, or look up a new pattern on Ravelry… or fall heavily asleep, in the case of train knitting on my commute to work… whatever. All kinds of things in life conspire to prevent me from concentrating on my knitting.

But today all I did for distraction was lightly reorganise my knitting boat (below – it’s not really a boat, it’s just so big I feel you ought to be able to sail it), by putting away a couple of more distant projects for a future date, safe from moths, and tidying all my handy bits and pieces into a box, so I don’t always have to chuck all the knitting out every time I need to find a tape measure. I’m sure I have my housemate to thank for this commendable behaviour, as she was sitting opposite me, keenly knitting something herself, which somehow enabled me to focus on my own needles all afternoon. If this is really the solution, then I might start having to pin strangers down to knit in front of me, to be my muse. Any willing volunteers – just let me know!

So I’ve made significant progress on my purple cardigan – the one I unravelled back to the beginning during my creative week at home last November. Until today I hadn’t really done more than just a few rows at a time, here and there, in the evenings after work. But now it’s starting to look like a cardigan! As of just a moment ago, I’m now back up to the armholes, and working my way up the right front. I’m doing more seamless transformation magic to this pattern, in order to give myself a fighting chance of actually finishing it. I knit all three sections (back and two fronts) in one go this time, using a provisional cast-on for the centre back section and leaving off the ribbing. I’ve just divided for the armholes, intending to graft the shoulder seams together and knit the sleeves seamlessly from the top down, picking up armhole stitches as I go. Then I will just pick up and knit the ribbing all the way round in a big circle to finish off. Here’s hoping it works as beautifully as in the plan…