twice pie

What could possibly be better in life than a tasty home-made pie for dinner? Why, two pies of course! I have long had a strong affinity for traditional blue and white enamel pie dishes, and in fact most things enamel, but have never owned any myself. So I rectified things at Christmas by buying not one but two such pie dishes for D. I would like to point out that it honestly wasn’t out of pure greed that I bought two – it was just that the dishes were quite small, as pies go, and I figured there was a lot more potential for two dishes than one (twice as much, no less!). Armed with these, I thought, we could make a savoury pie and a sweet pie, or two dinners’ worth of savoury pie, or a meat pie and a vegetarian pie… the pie possibilities are endless.

To accompany the tins, I also bought a copy of Paul Hollywood’s new Pies and Puds book. Not because I like Paul Hollywood (quite the opposite – in spite of never having seen him on TV, he seems quite the shiny, preened antithesis of my personal cookery hero Nigel Slater), but because I like pies. A lot. But so as not to seem presumptive, I also added a free pie voucher into the mix, promising to christen the tins with whichever pie the recipient desired most. He requested a pork, cider and apple pie for our second dinner of the year – a very good choice – so this is what you see in the picture above. As there was plenty of filling I made two, and numbered them, so we ended up with two nights of tasty pie dinner for just one night’s pie-making. For anyone contemplating the same pie, I heartily recommend the filling, it was delicious. But I probably wouldn’t bother making the special cider pastry again, as it was quite dry, and normal shortcrust pastry would certainly taste better. Plus that would allow you to drink more of the cider during the cooking process, which has to be a good thing. As Weebl and Bob would say, mmmmm pie.