enter 2015

It being the first day of the month (albeit not of the first month of the year) I felt that today would be a good day to welcome The Wind-Up Sheep into 2015. Although there are already several new things that I’d like to blog about this year more keenly, I feel it’s only right and proper to begin a new blog year with a round-up of some of my creations from last year. I am well aware that this is a risky approach to take, and that it may just mean missing out on at least two perfectly good blog posts, but I’m hopeful that my blogging fu won’t run out immediately, and that there’s still a chance of writing more (if you can, channel your best blogging energy towards me over the next week – thanks).

So, without further ado, here is a quick visual whizz through some of what I did last year (I admit, it’s not everything, because I still don’t have photos of everything I made last year, so you’ll just have to imagine some more):

2014 in Pictures

From left to right, and top to bottom, we have: 1) origami paper hearts for our wedding lunch place names; 2) a fine bow tie, what I made for D to wear for our wedding; 3) the second of a pair of embroidered pillowcases, in Palestinian style (N.B. I can’t vouch for the genuineness of the camels on the first one – they were my own invention); 4) an embroidered tea towel with poppies on; 5) my autumnal Noro scarf; 6) a sparkly lace scarf with beads, intended for our wedding in February, but in fact not finished until September… oops; 7) my very own Amineko kitteh cat (I actually finished crocheting him in early 2011, but just didn’t dare put a face on him until last autumn); and lastly, 8) a Portuguese-style embroidered lover’s handkerchief for D for our wedding (I’m pleased to say I DID finish this in time).

Not pictured are: a lovely bunch of crocheted radishes (but of course!), a knitted baby cardigan made up of mitred squares (OK, I know I still haven’t sewn buttons on it yet, but I consider it basically finished) and a knitted rag doll, which, like the kitteh above, I actually knitted way back in 2010, I just balked at giving her a face until last year in case I accidentally made her creepy.

So, that’s it for 2014 (aside from the inevitable unfinished things started in 2014 but not completed). I know it’s not a bad output, but somehow I feel I could have done better. And I definitely could have blogged more. But I always said that regret was a pointless emotion, so let’s forget all of that and move on to a new year of more creativity in a positive spirit. Bonne année 2015!