a new life for dopey bunny

What do you do when you finish making a creature, and then realise that it looks dopey and foolish? If your mother makes rude comments about it for years, you allow it to get munched on by moths, then you leave it in the freezer for weeks at a time because you’ve forgotten it’s there? When a visitor asks about it, and you realise you never even gave it a name because you never loved it enough? This is the miserable story of dopey bunny, who I made from a La Droguerie kit in Paris four years ago.

Dopey Bunny in the making

When I finished him, I was quite pleased. I lived on my own at that point, though, so he never really acquired a personality (I find that creatures only tend to develop their personalities when there’s more than just me about), until I took him back to my parents’ house, where my mother was downright rude about him. She pointed out that his eyes were too far apart, and that it made him look moronic. And so his character developed as far as that: a moron. He soon dropped out of favour, as other creatures were so much more colourful and charismastic. So he spent four years sitting on the sidelines, occasionally getting eaten by moths and spending extended periods in solitary isolation in the freezer. He’s had a pretty tough life, and I admit, it’s my fault.

Dopey Bunny

Then a couple of weeks ago, my mother-in-law was visiting, and she pointed out the rabbit, who was sitting next to the fridge, post-isolation. She asked what his name was, and I realised I’d never actually named him, since I had never bonded with him that far. The closest he’d ever got to a name was various insulting titles, of which ‘dopey bunny’ was one. I explained his sorry story, and she took pity on him, and offered to take him home and sew up his moth holes. Touched by this unexpected offer of kindness towards such a hopeless creature, I accepted.

Dapper Bunny

Today, guess who came back in the post? Dopey bunny himself! But he’s undergone a transformation: dopey bunny has become dapper bunny. He’s had a drastic facelift, complete with eye repositioning (they’re now closer together, like the eyes of an intelligent rabbit), ear tucks (so his ears stand up straight instead of going out at right angles) and a nose and mouth redesign. He’s also had his moth holes fixed, and to top it all off, he’s even got a beautiful brand new scarf! He was a bit squashed when he arrived, from being squeezed and shoved through our letterbox, but his face is recovering well. I can now envisage this rabbit developing into a well-rounded character at last. It’s taken a while, and he’s been through some traumatic times, but I’m sure he would agree that it was all worth it for his new look. If anyone else has a similar story to tell, of an unloved creature with unfulfilled potential, I would recommend (mail order) plastic surgery without hesitation. I used to think such things were shallow, but now I realise how wrong I was.

Dapper Bunny