The Wind-Up Sheep is brought to you by Agnes, who, from time to time, enjoys writing about things she has made, done or seen.

Although she frequently gets distracted and posts about other things, primarily Agnes is exceedingly keen on all things textile-related – and by extension, that includes sheep. It started with an unhealthy obsession for knitting several years ago and expanded over time into experimenting with weaving, crochet, sewing and all kinds of embroidery. She is not an expert at any of these things, but she hopes that her enthusiasm makes up for what she lacks in formal training. She has also dabbled in spinning, and these days even has a lovely spinning wheel all of her very own, along with quite a quantity of tops and fleece to spin. Although she looks longingly at the wheel on an almost daily basis, she has not yet become the whizzy master spinner she dreams one day of becoming. But that’s OK, because there’s plenty of time for this still to happen…

See also my Flickr photos for more pretty pictures of things made and seen.