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    Good evening Agnes,

    My name is Bill Knight, though I’m writing for my wife, Doreen. She is currently embarked on a rather far reaching project, attempting to recreate the old Norse fabric vadmal. Vadmal is a special fabric that was made from he Old Norse sheep, the Villsau and the Spelsau, and later using the Icelandic sheep.

    In her attempts to recreate this fabric, she has had great difficulty obtaining fleece from genetically pure sheep that match the original sheep used to make the Greenland Gown in the mid 14th century. Her genetic research has lead her to an attempt to prove that the vilsau, the Icelandic, and the Navajo Churro sheep are of the same genetic stock. She is attempting to prove this empirically by constructing three copies of the Greenland Gown by using completely period techniques in combing, spinning and weaving the fabric from all three sheep.

    Which leads to the reason for my writing to you. On November 19th ,2011 you posted an excellent picture of an Icelandic sheep (×768.jpg)

    As her web monkey, I’d like to get your permission to use this image as part of a comparison between the Vilsau, the Churro, and the Icelandic.

    As this image will be used in her final published work, she would like to attribute the picture to you. Would this be possible?

    I invite you to look at her Facebook page detailing what she has done this far, and would appreciate it if you could assist her in furthering this project. The page is at:

    Thank you for your consideration of this.

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